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Monday, June 27, 2011

Girl's Weekend

A few years ago my friend Allison and I took Hillary to see the New Kids On The Block for her birthday in Houston when they came out on their reunion tour. The concert was so great and we had such a good time that when they were scheduled to come back to Houston this month we decided that we had to go again. This time it was me, Hill, and Sam. I have been looking forward to the trip because I love to go places and I haven't been anywhere in a while.
We took off Saturday morning and had a nice day of shopping and eating at one of our favorite restaurants-La Madelaine-Yum! We checked into The Magnolia Hotel downtown at about 4:30. We have stayed there several times before due to the convenience of it being right by the Toyota Center and it is pretty nice. We had to wait a while for our room to be ready- along with lots of other people. It was a concert night and a baseball game night so I guess that is to be expected. Once we got dressed we headed out to another great restaurant-Guadalajara Del Centro. It's located in the Houston Pavillions complex. Unfortunately it was super crowded and we ended up having appetizers and drinks at the bar because the wait was so long and we had to get to the concert.
We got to the concert right on time and had fantastic seats. Jordan Sparks was the opening act. She was pretty good, but we were ready for the main attraction. New Kids were on tour this time with The Backstreet Boys who I was never a major fan of. We had a blast and the concert was great, but I think I much preferred the last concert where the New Kids were performing solo. But, it seemed that most of the other screaming girls in attendance were major Backstreet Boys fans so it was very high energy. After the concert we headed back to the hotel and got a fabulous night of much needed sleep.

We left pretty early Sunday morning to shop a little bit more before we headed home. We ate lunch at another one of our favorite-Pappasitos and ended up making it home by late afternoon We had a great time spending time together and doing some of our favorite things.
While I was away Brady spent Saturday with his Daddy. They went visiting and he got to swim at Debra's and went out to the river camp to see his Nana. My Mom came to our house Saturday night so that she could keep him for Todd to go to work on Sunday. She said he was great and he was in a good mood when I got home so I assume that everyone had a good time. It was a successful and much needed girl's weekend!