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Thursday, June 25, 2009

New Orleans Girl's Weekend

I am a little late at updating, but while Todd is watching the continuous CNN coverage of the death of the King of Pop (so sad), I thought I would blog before I go out on my 45 min. walk of sweat.
This weekend, I went on a very fun road trip to New Orleans with my two dearest friends in all of the world. We visited 4 lovely plantation houses (Nottoway and Homaus House were my favorite), toured the dirty smelly French Quarter (sorry NOLA lovers), ate at a delightful, yet kind of disappointing swanky restaurant, went on the hottest and most crowded steamboat dinner cruise ever, and enjoyed out tiny and shady hotel pool. I will probably never go to NOLA again in the summer time, it is WAY to HOT to enjoy yourself, but I have to say that I had a very relaxing time with my friends, and it was a great way to laugh ourselves silly and reconnect. Everyone was also very friendly in New Orleans, which made for a pleasant experience.

Since then, I have basically laid around the house and relaxed. I went to my mom and dad's on Tuesday to hang out with my niece. Auntie Hill. joined us and we had a lovely afternoon in the pool. I think it def. helped out tan out. I have been dropping Todd off and picking him up from work (his truck is in the shop), cooking, and cleaning. He is going to be very sad when I go back to work, lol. I also went into work for a few hours this morning. We are testing next week, so I have to get everything together. I don't mind work nearly as much when I only have to work a 1/2 day. Our staff is a little stressed out right now. They were in the middle of doing schedules when they were told that we are losing two core teaching positions...which of course puts more work on everyone else. So, keep your fingers crossed that I really won't have to teach a class next year. I may have to suck it up and be assigned to help out a little. Blah.
I have also decided that I am going to start working on my principal certification through SFA. I think it is a good idea to go ahead and get it, although I don't think I would pursue an actual job as a principal for a while. I would like to go ahead and do it now before we have a baby. It is a little stressful, especially to think about the financial aspect of it, but I think if I stay in education for life, it is probably something I will want to do at some point in my career. Plus, the program seems to be pretty flexible and I should be able to take some classes online as well as some classes in Jasper (hopefully).
I am still working on my diet and fitness plan. I have lost another pound, bringing my total to 9 so far...and I am trying to keep working my hardest. It is getting easier now that I am in the habit of exercising and watching what I eat, but the weight still comes off slowly. I am proud of myself for working out both days that we were at the hotel in NOLA. I think it helped me not gain any weight while we were away eating fattening restaurant food.
I have been a little sad the past few days...it seems like there is so much sadness and grief in the world. Maybe I have been watching too many sad movies and too much t.v., but this week alone, there has been the dissolution of Jon and Kate, the death of Ed McMahon, Farah Fawcett, and Michael Jackson, sad topics on Oprah, as well as sad news about one of our dear family members. It is a natural part of life, but sometimes you just get bogged down. But, what does not kill us will make us stronger and tomorrow is another day. I know it is important to appreciate every day we are given and spend our time making the most of it with the people that we love.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Summer-Week 3

Oh, I had a lovely 2 days off this week. I enjoyed sleeping late, playing with the dogs, leisurely shopping at Walmart and cooking on Monday. It is so nice to be on my own schedule for a change. It was such a relaxing day. Tuesday, I did some cleaning. Hillary came over a little after noon. We tried out her new workout videos and she was right, they do kick your butt. I think I am still recovering today. Then we shopped around a little and rounded the night out with a delicious turkey burger dinner. Then, that came to an end...

I went to sleep last night dreading the 5:45 a.m. alarm clock. I had agreed to do summer school Wed. and Thurs. of this week for the extra money, but was not looking forward to going back to work, even if it was only for a few days. I didn't sleep well last night and woke up off and on. When the alarm did go off this morning, I had to drag myself out of bed. I have to say the kids were very mello today, and weren't any problem. But, I still had a splitting headache by the end of my classes. I planned to stay at work a while and eat lunch. But, after glancing at my mailbox full of phone calls to return, and a pounding headache, I decided it was in my best interest to catch up on work tomorrow and go home and rest today.

Miraculously, I felt so much better when I pulled out of the parking lot, lol. I came home and made a nice lunch, then proceeded to take a 2 hour nap. I felt better, still a little sluggish, but well enough to make dinner and go walk to dogs and myself for exercise and all I really have to say is it is REALLY HOT outside..even at 7:00 p.m. We are going to have a heck of a summer.

So, I am hoping that tomorrow is quick and painless, and that I can get all of my stuff taken care of at work, and have a fabulous weekend in NOLA with my besties, lol.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Fun Summer Saturdays

Today, Todd and I got to sleep in together, which never happens. After a delightful breakfast of coffee and Fiber One pancakes (they really are good-and very low fat), I started getting everything ready to go over to mom and dad's for an early Father's Day celebration. We were on time for once (thank you Todd for cooperating) and my enchiladas turned out very well, so did the cheese dip (thanks to Laura), and the yummy dessert (thanks to Mom). We had a very relaxing afternoon swim-later we realized that we look like 2 crispy red lobsters, but we enjoyed it while it was happening.

We made our way to Beaumont later in the afternoon. Todd went to the Verizon store, but having sat in there for 3 hours last Saturday, I just couldn't do it again. I went shopping instead, so we both got what we wanted, and no one had to sit around and be miserable : ) We then had a lovely dinner with our good friend Hillary and even made a stop out to visit Todd's mom and her husband at their "river camp". It is not a fancy place by any means, but it is right on the water, and they seem to be enjoying the heck out of it. She also made the best hamburgers ever. We felt guilty because we ate before we went, even though we knew they were having hamburgers, so we shared one...and OMG, it was delicious! They are supposed to be building some steps that lead down to the sand bar for easier access to the water. So, I look forward to going back down there when that happens. They are having a big fish fry on July 4th. So, maybe by then it will be done. His mom gave me a Relay for Life cookbook that has all of the "old home food" recipes of the ladies of Evadale in it. So, I am going to try out a few of their recipes for Todd over the summer...although I am quite sure that anything that calls for a stick of oleo is not going to be low fat.

Tomorrow I am off to Crosby for Hunter's birthday party. I hate the drive, but it should be a fun time. I am also excited that I am supposed to be off on Monday and Tuesday- back to work Wednesday and Thursday, and then leaving town for our NOLA adventure on Friday. Busy but fun week up ahead. I am going to go curl up in bed with Todd, Bits, and my book. I know I am going to sleep good tonight.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Summer-Week 2

So, I am finally home from my 3 day trip to Austin for a conference. Overall, I have to say that the conference was boring, but I did enjoy the hotel and Austin. It was interesting to get a little glimpse into life as an administrator. I went in place of my campus principal because she was at another conference. I learned a little bit about RTI, and I got to know some of our district administrators better, both of which are probably good things.

We shopped while we were there. We also ate out every meal. Plus we had a buffet of fat laden food and drink provided to us twice a day at the conference. So, I am hoping I didn't gain any of the 7 lbs that I have lost while I was gone. I did get up at 6:00 each morning and went down to the hotel gym and got a good 40 minute workout on the treadmill. So, I feel like I did my best. I should have stayed away from the desserts, but I guess you only live once. I am back home and back on track. So, I am excited to get back to my "new routine" tomorrow.

I have to go back to work tomorrow, and I also have to work on Friday. Then I think I may have most of next week off, which is super exciting. Then, we are on our way to NOLA next weekend for our great adventure. Yah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Summer Continues

So, it is only 2 days from my last post...and I am already tired of 6th graders and of summer school, lol. It didn't take long. Not that I don't love children, but it makes me really glad that I will not be in the classroom next year at all. I am really glad that I am going to a conference next week so I can get a break from them. Is this what being a stay at home mom feels like? I just finished making up progress reports to hand out tomorrow (something I was not aware that I would have to do as a "sub") and I am officially ready for a vacation!

But, on the upside, I got on the scale this morning and I have lost 7 lbs so far, and I got my hair hightlighted and cut today, and it looks and feels much better!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Summer Begins

Well, it seems that everyone is blogging these days. Usually I am way to busy to even think about it, but I guess the summer is a good chance to give it a try.

School officially let out for us on Friday. I have to work a couple of extra days anyway, but ended up subbing for summer school this week for a teacher that had to be out to have surgery. It was actually a nice day. I left work at 1:30 and still got paid...and I got a lot accomplished. So, I will be working all week this week. I am also going to a conference for two days next week. So, maybe after the next few weeks, I will actually have some time off. I am planning a fun trip to New Orleans with my best pals in a few weeks, so that will be the summer vacation kick off. Until then, I suppose I will be working around the house and be at Todd's beck and call, lol. He loves it when I am off in the summer.

I am trying to cook more and am looking around for some healthy recipes. I also started my diet kick off last Monday. I've lost 5 lbs. so far, so the plan is to lose as much as possible this summer. Todd bought a bike today, so we can go riding around the neighborhood together now. I got one about a month ago, but it has sat in the garage most of the time. Alot of our neighborhood is uphill (although it deceptively does not look so) and it is hard to get motivated to tackle a long ride alone. I told him that he could be my "bike trainer". I am trying to get in a bit better shape for our week long Florida trip in July. It is going to be a blast, so I am looking forward to that. I am also hoping to be able to see a bit more of my family this summer. We were so busy last summer trying to sell our house and moving, that I didn't get to see anyone unless they were helping us move. So, I feel free and ready to enjoy the nice summer days! I also can't wait for the first day that I get to sleep late. It's the little things in life that we appreciate, lol.